Perhaps SYP will begin with a long look at the careers of Michael Hedges, Meredydd Hughes, Robert Dyson, (Uncle Tom Cobley and all) and others at the top of SYP? Reference: Orgreave, Hillsborough, the very large range of young people who have been abused and trafficked, the murder of my father, Ralph Winstanley (23Apr2004 – yet to be recorded as a crime) etc.

All very minor points, I know.. but to those involved, they are ‘a bit pressing’.

SYP could also take a look at the range of senior officers which have been exported from its ranks and into other police forces.

This has all cost us our public money.. and we really need some accountability. (Preferably yesterday.)


About officialaccountability

Seriously concerned that there is so little (if any?) corporate accountability within our publicly-funded bodies. Working for change - preferably for the better. That could include wholesale sackings to much applause?
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