Left? Right? – lose the people in between – Left? Right?

In a once in a lifetime opportunity, the UK electorate has the chance to run with real socialist ideals.. and to aim for democracy. The Labour Party is currently led by a tenacious socialist, of democratic ideals, who shows both immense staying power, and the ability to force change, even from this very destructive Tory Government.

In spite of all, Jeremy Corbyn  has gathered a small Shadow Cabinet around him, accepting those less to be trusted, until by their own actions they left, allowing more trustworthy replacements. He has acted with great courtesy, patience and demonstrable care, to wait out the time for action. During that time, he has continuously harried the current Government, to our benefit.  

We would be fools if we did not grasp this chance, and get this man into power. He is probably the most capable politician within our lifetime and that capability is very clearly registered, against the backdrop of part-owned and fully owned-policitians, and mainstream media, which all do their masters’ bidding.

Across this country we have spin-off members of the electorate, making utterly sickening attempts to ‘act like the ‘big men’ at the top’, whose actions are so destructive to us, to our children and to our whole society. In across, between fits of pique and rage, these fashion-following men and women  set out to sabotage our rights. They regard it with glee, utterly forgetting that if our lives are made worthless, so will theirs be. 

Yet surely our children, all children, even their children, should have the right to affordable, safe, family lives, within sound acommmodation, with gardens, good food, warm and comfortable clothing, aid during poor health and at the points of birth and death? 

As a people, we need the right to a sound education.. and not the current ‘training-to-fit-in-and-do-as-you’re-told’ which our children (and we before them) are/were forced to undergo.

Living as we do, in the machine age moving through the internet age, we should all have the right to make our living under good wage structures, working in acceptable employment, under security of tenure.

Our homes should be non-polluting, ecologically sound, warm, and comfortable places where our health is guarded and our peace of mind exists.

Our modes of travel should be simple, cheap, non-polluting and effective ways of getting from a to b. Roads and rail should not be allowed to be planted willy nilly, ruining very large swathes of our remaining countryside and bringing no benefit to the electorate which lives there. We urgently need the re-use in greater efficiency, of our outdated rail tracks, canals, rivers, sea and air routes and roads. Good public transport is a vital aspect of so small a country as ours, and should obviate the need for  one-person travelling, except on rare occasions. 

Our food should come, as far as possible, from places close by; be filled with good nourishment and totally devoid of poisons and unnecessary hormones. Our food animals should be well treated throughout their lives and at the point of killing.. with brutalised animals – and slaughtermen – being anathema to society. 

Our health and care systems should be run in an efficient and caring way as a public service. We’ve paid enough for them. Now it is surely time to get the dross out of the system, remove the long-term incompetents, stop ‘fiddling with the system’, stop giving away our health and care money into the coffers of  foreign enterprises.. who sue our National Health and care services if they don’t gain contracts. We need the profit to stream back into our health and care systems, to shore up any lack.

Our local and national politicians and all civil servants should as part of their work, have to travel on our public transport systems, with no isolation from the general electorate which they serve. That happens in other countries, so why shouldn’t it happen here in the UK? If our politicians are frightened of their own electorate, it says little for their competence, good will or humanity of action. 

Our current Government’s careful training of the electorate to accept people sleeping on the streets, our children in bed-and-breakfast temporary accommodation, desperate refugees – and unaccompanied refugeeing children – with no roof over their heads, when our country has been the instigator  – with others – of their desperate refugee status, is not an adequate ‘education for the masses’. We do not need such rotten treatment to be meted out by any one of our ‘public servants’.

If that is the best they can do, they must be put out of their ‘service’, and replaced by people who will act in an humanitarian manner, and serve the electorate.

There is only one person who can set that up. Jeremy Corbyn!

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About officialaccountability

Seriously concerned that there is so little (if any?) corporate accountability within our publicly-funded bodies. Working for change - preferably for the better. That could include wholesale sackings to much applause?
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