Change the vote – Get the Tories out!

In the Tatton Constituency of Cheshire our health and social care services are shut. In Knutsford, which has one of the highest populations of elderly of anywhere in the country, we have no day care, no overnight respite care, no dementia care, no dementia assessment, no help for family carers, a distant, collapsing and utterly wasteful hospital system.. and seemingly there is no intention of returning to a position of caring for the community.

We are viewed as ‘customers’. We have paid our dues. We are not customers but human beings who paid national health and social care insurance. What is currently happening is theft.

Our MP is Conservative, George Osborne.

Cheshire East Council is overwhelmingly (bullyingly) Conservative. It’s grasp of finances seems to be at variance with delivering services to the most vulnerable within its communities. Its Tory Councillors laugh at the opposition councillors, and plant their own people to head up every Committee.. including its scrutiny committees. Some scrutiny that is.

Yet, died in the wool ‘blue’ voters, continue voting in those people who do not serve their own needs, let alone the needs of vulnerable people. They vote as our MP, a man imposed on us, who has – by careful choice – never  lived within Tatton, who took our public money illegitimately for his own use, until he was outed by the Daily Telegraph, who has inflicted fracking right across Tatton and Cheshire, who is only rarely seen anywhere within the constituency, and who has (as far as I know) never held a constituency meeting for those within his Tatton Constituency.. preferring instead to meet only Tories by appointment. There is a string of local people known to have requested meetings.. but Georgie is always ‘too busy’.




About officialaccountability

Seriously concerned that there is so little (if any?) corporate accountability within our publicly-funded bodies. Working for change - preferably for the better. That could include wholesale sackings to much applause?
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