The NEC’s Second Ruling May Be Illegal

Misrepresentation seems to be a feature of the NEC at the moment. Its behaviour against its own Party Leader.. and therefore against its entire membership – over yesterday’s decisions, has been utterly disgraceful. It was hardly aided by the nasty smear attempt made just now by an unremittingly sobbing NEC Member, Joanne Baxter, on Radio 4’s World at 1. Square up woman! You are doing a serious job of work, which has strict legal ramifications.. and the membership is watching and shaking its head in disbelief. Speaking as a member – I object to the underhanded way in which the NEC currently thinks it can deal.

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by Martin Odoni

Even as I was finishing up writing last night’s blogpost, the outcome of the Labour National Executive Committee’s deliberations, over whether an incumbent can stand in a Leadership contest without nominations, was being announced. They ruled by a vote of 18 to 14, to the delight of most party members up and down the country, that he can. Jeremy Corbyn will therefore be on the ballot of the upcoming contest against Angela Eagle no matter how many – or how few – nominations he gets from the Parliamentary Labour Party.

However, the ‘Red Tory’ faction on the committee, being the sort of people they are, could not resist a final sting-in-the-tail; in their terms, that always means a dirty trick. This took the form of a second vote that was not announced on the meeting’s agenda, and not even called until a number of committee members…

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Seriously concerned that there is so little (if any?) corporate accountability within our publicly-funded bodies. Working for change - preferably for the better. That could include wholesale sackings to much applause?
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