That is the title – having tried various others – because it fits the theme of the proposed words.

All through our lives we come across those who can loosely be lumped together as weazels. (Apologies to real real weasels, not one of which has ever crossed my path.)

Weazel words seem so readily to slither, drip, spit or froth, from the lips of those we pay to do our public bidding. .and yet they take our money.

That is part of our problem. We pay them and then allow them to do as they please. Gentle masters indeed. Perhaps foolhardy Masters? Or perhaps we become servants to those whom we pay?

If the latter is the case, we are probably (ill) educated to ‘be stupid’. Otherwise why would we allow our public servants to abrogate their responsibility?

Another step along the slimy road brings us to gongs. We issue ‘gongs’ to those who seem to be working on their own account.. and taking large chunks of our money to do that. We give them OBE, or QPM, or various other proofs of their weazely, malign status, and on occasion they receive knighthoods, or become Barons or Lords.

Well, at least that picks them out for who they are.. then we can try to keep an eye on them in future, whilst also keeping well away from their spheres of influence. (Easier said than done? Perhaps!)

The purpose of this blog is to consider the actions of such people.. and to discuss ways of highlighting and/or preventing the worst of their excesses



About officialaccountability

Seriously concerned that there is so little (if any?) corporate accountability within our publicly-funded bodies. Working for change - preferably for the better. That could include wholesale sackings to much applause?
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