#Attlee Descendents Urge Support for #Corbyn

There are still good and thoughtful people in the world.. who recognise the current battle. .amnd agree with us that the Labour Party must change.



Letter to all Labour Members 

“As Clem Attlee’s great niece and great nephew we would like to strongly endorse the continued leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

Under our great uncle as Prime Minister, the Labour Government enabled the creation of the Welfare State, inaugurated the National Health Service, implemented a major council housing building programme and achieved full employment, increased living standards and economic growth. This was done at a time of economic debt which makes any recent debt pale into insignificance. We applaud the success of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell at exposing the economic fallacy behind the doctrine of Austerity and setting both the national agenda and the course of Labour Party away from this failed economic model into one that invests both in the economic future and in all the people of this country, with no-one left behind.

We urge all members and MPs to vote for and…

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What is the deal with this guy ?

Just take a look at that picture. I challenge you to look at that picture and not smile. The expression on that woman’s face is wonderful.  There is an unrestrained joy in that face.  That fa…

Source: What is the deal with this guy ?

I think this is ‘the deal’.

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Change the vote – Get the Tories out!

In the Tatton Constituency of Cheshire our health and social care services are shut. In Knutsford, which has one of the highest populations of elderly of anywhere in the country, we have no day care, no overnight respite care, no dementia care, no dementia assessment, no help for family carers, a distant, collapsing and utterly wasteful hospital system.. and seemingly there is no intention of returning to a position of caring for the community.

We are viewed as ‘customers’. We have paid our dues. We are not customers but human beings who paid national health and social care insurance. What is currently happening is theft.

Our MP is Conservative, George Osborne.

Cheshire East Council is overwhelmingly (bullyingly) Conservative. It’s grasp of finances seems to be at variance with delivering services to the most vulnerable within its communities. Its Tory Councillors laugh at the opposition councillors, and plant their own people to head up every Committee.. including its scrutiny committees. Some scrutiny that is.

Yet, died in the wool ‘blue’ voters, continue voting in those people who do not serve their own needs, let alone the needs of vulnerable people. They vote as our MP, a man imposed on us, who has – by careful choice – never  lived within Tatton, who took our public money illegitimately for his own use, until he was outed by the Daily Telegraph, who has inflicted fracking right across Tatton and Cheshire, who is only rarely seen anywhere within the constituency, and who has (as far as I know) never held a constituency meeting for those within his Tatton Constituency.. preferring instead to meet only Tories by appointment. There is a string of local people known to have requested meetings.. but Georgie is always ‘too busy’.



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Birmingham reggae band UB40 backing Jeremy Corbyn

It all comes down to ‘what ordinary people will accept’. The line has been very greatly overstepped. We have reached the ground on which we will all stand. We now need Corbyn into number 10.

I Am Birmingham

Reggae band UB40 have given Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn their backing in the new leadership race (Image: UB40 / Facebook) Reggae band UB40 have given Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn their backing in the new leadership race (Image: UB40/Facebook)

Legendary Birmingham reggae group UB40 appear to have endorsed Jeremy Corbyn, congratulating him on his recent victory after the Labour NEC yesterday declared that the incumbent party leader would be allowed to appear on the leadership ballot.

Jeremy Corbyn will be automatically included on the ballot in Labour’s leadership contest, the party’s National Executive Committee has ruled. His opponents had initially claimed he needed the support of 51 MPs or MEPs to stand.

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The NEC’s Second Ruling May Be Illegal

Misrepresentation seems to be a feature of the NEC at the moment. Its behaviour against its own Party Leader.. and therefore against its entire membership – over yesterday’s decisions, has been utterly disgraceful. It was hardly aided by the nasty smear attempt made just now by an unremittingly sobbing NEC Member, Joanne Baxter, on Radio 4’s World at 1. Square up woman! You are doing a serious job of work, which has strict legal ramifications.. and the membership is watching and shaking its head in disbelief. Speaking as a member – I object to the underhanded way in which the NEC currently thinks it can deal.

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

Even as I was finishing up writing last night’s blogpost, the outcome of the Labour National Executive Committee’s deliberations, over whether an incumbent can stand in a Leadership contest without nominations, was being announced. They ruled by a vote of 18 to 14, to the delight of most party members up and down the country, that he can. Jeremy Corbyn will therefore be on the ballot of the upcoming contest against Angela Eagle no matter how many – or how few – nominations he gets from the Parliamentary Labour Party.

However, the ‘Red Tory’ faction on the committee, being the sort of people they are, could not resist a final sting-in-the-tail; in their terms, that always means a dirty trick. This took the form of a second vote that was not announced on the meeting’s agenda, and not even called until a number of committee members…

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